Spaghetti Warehouse

With 16 stores in 7 states, Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurants presented a unique challenge in the effort to develop and execute a marketing plan to communicate to the public about their 40th anniversary. ZMP met the challenge by creating a marketing plan that contained several elements whereby Spaghetti Warehouse’s message would be communicated.

First, ZMP developed a strategic plan with the use of digital and social media which involved extensive use of platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Yelp. While engaging in this media, ZMP was able to not only get the 40th Anniversary message out to the loyal fan base of Spaghetti Warehouse, ZMP was also able to grow that fan base by well over 500 percent on Facebook alone. ZMP also implemented a “microsite” online that served to house all promotional program details, an event calendar, the registration/photo upload module, extend the Spaghetti Warehouse brand attributes, and deliver fresh content on special events via both desktop and mobile platforms.

ZMP also created a plan to take the 40th Anniversary message to the street through an innovative grass roots effort known as the Celebration Trolley Tour. In each of the locations, there is a trolley positioned within the restaurant and ZMP capitalized on this iconic figure by hosting a Trolley tour that spans across the country, visiting each market of Spaghetti Warehouse, engaging with the community. Through the use of a contracted professional street team, the public was delighted to be involved in such a unique outreach program.

ZMP also created additional engagement through the development of the Celebration Photo Album, a program that allows fans to take their picture of a fun event or gathering at a Spaghetti Warehouse location or at the Celebration Trolley and upload that photo to the Photo Album site to enter to win cash and prizes. This program was used during the partnership that ZMP fostered with a national charity to drive community relations, new trial and increase frequency of visits to the Spaghetti Warehouse locations.